Accident: Eurocopter AS365Fi Dauphin, IAC 248, Nr Tramore Strand Co. Waterford, 01 Jul 1999: Report No 2000-011

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At 21:02 hrs on 01 July 1999 the Helvick Lifeboat and the Irish Air Corps Dauphin, DH248, located at Waterford Regional Airport, were launched, in very bad visibility, to assist in locating a boat reported lost off Dungarvan. In the event, Helvick Lifeboat located the casualty and subsequently requested DH248 to provide navigational assistance back to Helvick Pier, as the Lifeboat"s GPS (navigation system) was not functioning correctly.

The DH248 crew were advised that the weather conditions at Waterford Airport were deteriorating. The Aircraft Commander decided to return to base. DH248 carried out two unsuccessful Instrument Landing System (ILS) approaches to Runway (RWY) 21 at Waterford Airport. The Aircraft advised Waterford Control Tower that they were then going to  carry out a "coastal approach". During a probable go-around from this approach, DH248 impacted sand dunes adjacent to Tramore Strand. There were no survivors. The aircraft was destroyed. There was severe post-impact fire.


Occurrence Date: July 01, 1999
Report Date: August 21, 2000
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