Final Report: Serious Incident involving a Reims Aviation SA, Cessna F172N, registration EI-GWU at Birr Airfield, Co. Offaly on 19 February 2023. Report No. 2024-003.

During take-off from Runway 18 at Birr Airfield (EIBR), the Instructor who occupied the right-hand seat, noticed that the aircraft was not accelerating as expected and that the engine sounded quieter than usual. As the aircraft proceeded down the runway, the Instructor observed that the engine was not developing full power and he instructed the Pilot, who occupied the left-hand seat, to abandon the take-off.

The Pilot closed the throttle and both crew members applied the brakes. The aircraft over-ran the end of the runway and impacted with a boundary hedge, sustaining minor damage. No injuries were reported. There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: February 19, 2023
Report Date: May 07, 2024
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